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Speedliner® is a spray-on ute deck liner system manufactured by industrial polymers Inc. of Texas USA. It provides a durable layer of protection between your ute deck and cargo. It restores the appearance of your ute deck by covering scratched and damaged paint. Speedliner® can also be used to cover and repair other types of spray-on deck liners.


StyroSpray® 1000 is a simple to apply hard coating for carved foam shapes.  It is applied by paint brush, foam roller or spray applied with a low cost gravity feed hopper spray gun.  It provides a strong, lightweight uniformly smooth appearance, which can be coated with any type of solvent or water base paints. StyroSpray® creates a hard plastic shell over foam fabrication of signs, decorative themeing, paper mache construction and concrete molds. It seals hardens and waterproofs hot wire cut or carved foam shapes for indoor and outdoor installations.

Hydrospan 100 Expanding Resin

HydroSpan 100™ works like a 3 dimensional copy machine enlarging any shape or design in near perfect proportion and detail. With HydroSpan you can increase the size of patterns, molds, art castings, foundry molds, fossil patterns or original art works without sculpting new masters.


HydroSpan 400 Shrinking Resin

HydroSpan 400 product was invented by Industrial Polymers for reducing the size of 3 dimensional objects while maintaining high surface detail.  The HydroSpan 400 product is a urethane resin which quickly cures when mixed with ordinary tap water.