Speedliner® FAQ’S

What type of warranty do you give?

SPEEDLINER® Ute decks are warranted for 3 years from the date of application, against normal wear and tear.

Do you offer colour’s?

We offer 18 factory stock colour’s: black, dark green, emerald green (metallic), medium green, camouflage green, yellow, white, red, garnet red (metallic), petrol blue, dark blue, indigo blue (metallic), medium blue, camouflage brown, orange, charcoal grey, medium grey.

SPEEDLINER® can also be colour matched to most vehicles using standard urethane colour matching techniques – even to metallics. Ask us or your Dealer for details. Click here to find your local Dealer.

How thick is the bedliner?

Based on our proven fantastic strength, our recommended thickness is 2.5mm or a little less than 1/8 of an inch; however, SPEEDLINER® can be sprayed thicker for an additional charge if required.

What are the differences between SPEEDLINER® and other brands?

Higher tensile and tear strength give us better protection. We can increase even further our already unequalled cut & tear strength with the Kevlar® fibre additive. The Kevlar® option is available exclusively from SPEEDLINER®, none of our competitors can offer this. A SPEEDLINER® spray on liner is far less likely to rip or tear than our competitors. We also offer stronger UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This means SPEEDLINER® holds its colour better than our competitors and will not “chalk” over time that you may often see with other products. For technical information and product comparison with other liners click here.

Can you do graphics?

With SPEEDLINER® all types of graphic creations are possible. Ask you nearest Dealer/Application Centre to confirm their graphics capability. Find your Dealer.

How long does it take to spray?

Times vary depending on the size of the vehicle, but a vehicle is normally needed for about 24 hours to complete the job.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for SPEEDLINER® application starts from $750

Can it be applied to wood, concrete, fibreglass, etc.?

SPEEDLINER® can be applied to many surfaces for many applications. Our rule of thumb tells us that if it can be painted, it can probably be coated with SPEEDLINER®. Visit a Dealer / Application Centre for more details.

Is it chemical resistant?

SPEEDLINER® has great resistance to many chemicals. Your local Dealer will have a comprehensive list of tests showing how SPEEDLINER® performs against different chemicals.

How long does it take to dry before using it?

SPEEDLINER® usually becomes dry to the touch in about 1 to 2 hours at average room temperature (62°-68° F). SPEEDLINER® will be capable of light use after 24 hours. Full cure to achieve our proven fantastic strength takes 3 to 5 days depending on temperature. Of course you can use your vehicle with sensible care during this cure time. Colder weather may slow the full cure time slightly but SPEEDLINER® will still achieve full functional strength.

Can I clean it with Armor All?

Armor All will not harm SPEEDLINER®, we do not recommend using it however due to making the deck slippery. Our liners do not chalk as our competition do.

Can you spray over the rails / topcaps?

Yes, SPEEDLINER® can be sprayed over rails / topcaps, giving added protection against side loading and chafing damage from hard tops / canopies.

Why do you use Kevlar®?

Kevlar® Fiber is an optional additive used to greatly enhance cut & tear strength. It is recommended on heavy-duty/hard use trucks and and high impact areas. Kevlar® is not available with any other spray on liner!